Fluid Infusion 1.0 released

The Fluid team is pleased to announce the release of Fluid Infusion 1.0. Inside the 1.0 release you'll find more great Fluid components, helpful sample code, and thorough documentation. With accessibility and usability baked in from the start, we’ve got you covered.

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What's new in this release

This release:

  • Updates our supported browsers to include the latest from Yahoo's A-grade browser list
  • Provides the ability to create custom builds
  • Adds jQuery UI Themes for working with FSS themes
  • Adds new and powerful decorators for the Renderer:
    • The "fluid" decorator instantiates any Fluid Infusion component bound to the markup
    • New support for removing arbitrary attributes and CSS classes
  • Updates the Pager:
    • Improved handing of column sorting
    • Fixed persistence of focus
  • Updates the Uploader:
    • User can manually switch to the standard non-Flash http file uploader
    • Uploader Browse button now respects DOM z-index in Flash 10
  • Updates the User Interface Options:
    • Better cross browser support
    • Better keyboard and screen reader accessibility
  • Changes some class names in the FSS and components
  • Changes some Framework API
  • Fixes many bugs

What is Fluid Infusion

Fluid Infusion is an application framework for building usable and accessible user interfaces with JavaScript. Built on top of jQuery, Infusion takes a different approach to client-side development. At heart, Infusion is an open architecture designed to put you back in control of your application’s user experience. It includes a growing collection of UI components—reusable interactions that go deeper than most widgets. Created by a community of developers and interaction designers, Infusion components are built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. All of our designs can be used with assistive technologies, are fully controllable with the keyboard, and can be transformed to suit your users’ personal needs.
The Fluid Infusion 1.1 release includes a collection of our UI components, tutorials to help you get started, solid APIs to help you dive in, and the community to lend a hand.